Hello, my name is Miriam Esparza

I help individuals struggling with insulin resistance 


I founded New Life Makeovers in 2018. My mission is to help others start their health journey.


There are approximately one hundred million people of the U.S population suffering from Insulin resistance and on the verge of becoming diabetic.


The information we receive on insulin resistance and how to manage it is clearly not enough. Every year the number of people considered at risk or prediabetic continues to grow. Insulin resistance can start at a young age and most people are unaware they suffer from it.

In my family women are strong and hold the family together. It’s no surprise I took a leadership role everywhere I went. In fact, I held a leadership role for the last twenty years. I have been coaching and developing others all my life. I naturally applied these skills to my role as a Health Coach. Listening to others and leveraging their strengths to help improve areas they struggle with.

I have a wonderful busy family of my own, which includes a teenage son, a grown daughter with two kids of her own. My kids all have picked up healthy habits. They understand the importance of eating consciously and staying fit. I’m not your average grandmother. I’ll share my secrets as we get to know each other better.


About twenty years ago I reached an uncomfortable weight. I was feeling sick. I was tired all the time and had daily headaches. Reluctantly I went to see me doctor.


My worst fears became a reality

I had ballooned to a weight I couldn’t process. The nurse drew my blood for testing. I remember her gasping at the glucose meter. It read a whopping four hundred. I had no idea what that meant. I left in a daze and drove myself home.

The Call from the Doctor

A few days later I received a 7:00 am wakeup call from my doctor on a Sunday. I went in to the office and he handed me my diagnoses. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation in my knees and of course Type 2 diabetes.

I left the office with more questions than answers. I had no idea what all of this meant. My doctor wrote up four prescriptions and sent me on my way. I waited a month to fill them. I had no idea what Insulin was and wasn’t concerned about it. I figured if I lost weight it would all resolve itself.

I tried everything, diets exercise even surgery

Nothing worked. I would lose a few pounds and eventually all the weight would come back. I was desperate and tired. My A1C continued to grow but I had no fight left in me.



The Awakening

A New Beginning

My son was three years old when it finally clicked

I had to get better for him.

It dawned on me that in case of an emergency I probably wouldn’t have the energy or stamina to help him.

I found my WHY

I knew I needed to get healthy for me and my family. I started my endless research, hoping to understand why I was struggling with this. I read every book I could get my hands on. Watched every video. Listened to blogs and went to health seminars. I researched everything I could find on insulin, diabetes, carbs and hormones. I finally understood the connection they had on weight. My passion for health and wellness led me to get my certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

It’s been more than four years now of keeping my A1C levels at normal levels. I am no longer considered an at-risk diabetic when I see my doctor. He has taken me off all medications and I feel great.

Hopefully you find solace in knowing there is hope. Give yourself a chance at a New Life Makeover.