• Miriam Esparza

Do you have the right mindset?

Do I workout today? Maybe I’ll just save it for another day. Back and forth you keep coming up with great reasons why it’s not the best idea. Why is doing something that is so beneficial become such a hard decision?

You can seriously talk yourself out of just about anything. The inner voice that has become the strongest part of you knows how to win an argument.

I call mine “Dory” as in the character from ”Finding Nemo” If you recall Dory had a very short attention span. She was easily distracted and didn’t really have a plan of action. She just kinda drifted through life. That is until Dory found her “Why”. Even Dory found her way once she had a clear idea of what she wanted to accomplish.

I can now recognize when it’s her making the decision rather than myself. I love Dory but sometimes you just have to silence that inner monologue and tear off the bandaid.

How? It’s as simple as just making the decision in your head to just go. Get up and go. Don’t give your inner voice the chance to argue a case against it. Acknowledge it and tell it to “Shh!”

You can then change the direction in which you were headed. Put a clear mental image in your head. See yourself in that moment. Remind yourself of your “Why”. Staying health, feeling strong or just simply experiencing the feeling you get when you accomplish something you’ve set your mind to. You have to see yourself doing it.

We all have these moments everyday and we all make small decisions throughout our day on how we are going to approach them. Set yourself up for success by being aware of this and dealing with it. Silence your inner doubter and tear off the bandaid.

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