• Miriam Esparza

It's about time. Start your health journey with 3 easy steps

Picture it like going through a complicated maze and running through it over and over and ending up facing a wall every single time. As information becomes more readily available, it also becomes harder to figure out what is real and what is hype. It didn’t matter to me at first, I figured I would see all sides of it and sort through the mess. Then I realized not everyone has that ability. Even worse they will waste

precious time chasing shortcuts that just lead to disappointment.


The most important thing is to get your mind right. Set your mind on a positive vibe so that you create the right energy. If your mind is full of noise it will be hard to focus on creating the behaviors you’ll need to make. Wake up every morning and meditate for a few minutes. Set the tone for the day. Imagine having a great day and making great choices. Take a few deep breaths and find your center. Think about what you want to accomplish and write them down. Prepare your reaction to a negative interaction. How will you handle it so it doesn’t throw you off balance? Kind of like meal prep but for your mind. Why is this so important? Think about what happens when you come home from a bad or stressful day, What is the first thing you do to cope? Yes you got it. Eat, and it usually is whatever you could get your hands on first.


Set goals and not just your typical 'I want to lose weight'. That should not be your first focus but it can be one of your goals. Better to focus on things that will help you achieve these goals. For example a goal can be to get moving, or I want to eat more home cooked meals or I will learn about nutrition. Think about goals that will help you create a path back to health. Address things that are making you unhealthy? Are you drinking more than you’d like? Do you have toxic people in your life? There is a lot more than you think when it comes to health. Taking a holistic approach will help your chances of success. Set goals and write them down and take action steps everyday to get you closer to a healthier lifestyle. A goal means nothing if you don’t work towards them.


Be honest with yourself. “To thine self be true” Polonius maybe wasn’t thinking about health in the same sense we do, but he adds clarity to what one must be able to do in order to make any changes. How can you become better if you don’t see what needs to be fixed? This step can be hard for many and it may need to be visited more than once. Self awareness is a double edge sword, it can be difficult to face yourself but doing so is the most liberating feeling you can have. In order to achieve wellness you must see your body, mind and spirit as one. You can’t leave out pieces because they will keep you from having a sustainable change.

There is more of course, much more but these are the first steps. Take a good inventory of your life and have an honest conversation with yourself. Work with someone that can help you redirect the areas in your life that hold you back. Now that you know “It’s about time.” Lets get started.

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