• Miriam Esparza

The Fat Circle

You diet for months and lose twenty pounds. You feel great and cautiously buy a new pair of jeans. The holidays come and you don’t want to disappoint your friends and family, so you say I’ll just have small portions. Grandma made cookies and well there‘s pie. Next morning you run an extra ten minutes on the treadmill, shower and go to put on your new favorite jeans. They pinch a little but you say it’s probably getting close to that time of the month. Your kids want pizza so you figure what’s one slice. So you have two, and some fries, and a few cheese sticks.

“I’ll just starve myself the rest of the day.” Except the carbs you ate earlier triggered your hunger so you cave and have a sandwich. I mean what’s a sandwich, and chips of course.

Next morning your energy level is low so you skip the gym. ”it's just one day.” That turns into a week, then a month. You go to put on those jeans you subconsciously hid at the bottom of the hamper. You get as far as your hips and you realize there is no way they will go any further.

You constantly put your metabolism through highs and lows and then one day you just can’t seem to lose weight no matter how much you exercise or how much you diet. So you say what’s the point and gain twenty pounds. And now there is no way you’re going to the gym, you lack energy and motivation.

Welcome to the vicious cycle I call “The Fat circle.

The first step to breaking a cycle like this, is to realize you’re in it.

There is hope, it’s not about will power. It’s not about being lazy. It’s much more. The truth is, you’ve been set up to fail. The food we have readily available isn’t the best quality to say the least. Don’t get me wrong you will need to put in the work and you will need to make better choices. Nothing replaces self discipline and accountability.

What you need more of is knowledge. The right information on how to listen to your body and make the right adjustments.

Having a good understanding on how your body works and the impact certain hormones can have on it will increase your chance of having a sustainable lifestyle change and finally keep the weight off.

Join me and get started on your journey back to health.

Together we can develop a plan made specifically for you.

I will be there to support you every step of the way. Don't spend another moment of your life yo-yo dieting or blaming yourself for not reaching your goals.


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